Top 10 Most Expensive NFTs Sold in 2023

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have increasingly grown popular over time. More investors and collectors tend to involve their self in the latest blockchain day by day. While if you happen to hear the prices paid for these NFTs you’d go berserk. So, we’ve done our research on the most expensive ever sold and have highlighted them within.

Furthermore, this year, NFT’s popularity continuously grew to have art collections worth millions sold in the form of digital jpegs. Even, some of the top influencers and celebrities in the world became involved in the actions with their projects, like NELK’s Full Send Meta card.


Several collections of NFT arts also came up this year like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Punks drawn by popular artists like Beeple and Pak respectively. But the questions remain which NFTs are the most expensive? Read further to see them the prices will awe you.

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The Top 10 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

Below, we’ve listed the top most expensive NFTs ever sold in the history of NFTs. Also, bear in mind that the only acceptable crypto for trading NFT is Ethereum. However, we’ve recorded prices of the sold NFTs here in U.S. Dollars due to the unstable nature of the Ether (ETH). Meanwhile, all figures stood accurate to Ethereum prices at the time of sale.

1. The Merge ($91, 800, 000)

Artist: Pak


The artwork “The Merge” sold for an outrageous sum of $ 91.8 Million through Nifty Gateway. Just after we taught we’ve seen it all in Beeple’s artwork “Every day” sold before the end of 2021. “The Merge” NFT is an artwork by the artist Pak. Meanwhile, one person didn’t buy the NFT, rather 29,983 people collectively paid for “The Merge”. Therefore, “the Merge” sold out and became split into 312,686 coins distributed to buyers.

2. Beeple Collection _ Every Day: ($69, 346, 250)

Artist: Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple


The Beeple Collection _ Every Day (The First Five Thousand Days) stood as the most expensive sold NFT art until the end of 2021. The NFT includes a painting that combines all 5,000 images he drew over 5,000 days in a stretch. This unique piece was auctioned for a wholesome of $69 million by the famous Christie house. While Vignesh Sundaresan bought the NFT after forestalling Justin Sun, founder of Tron.

3. Clock ($52, 740, 000)

Artist: Julian Assange and Pak

This expensive NFT was created to back up a social cause, it was created by Wikileaks founder Assange. Thus, “Clock” NFT depicts a digital counter of the days Julian Assange wasted in London’s Belmarsh prison, anticipating extradition to the United States on spying charges. “Clock” was aimed at raising funds to reprimand Assange’s imprisonment and was auctioned off for over $52 million.

Hence, 10,000 Assange DAO members owned a share of this NFT more like how they treated “The Merge” NFT. Meanwhile, they donated the revenue from the auction to the Holland Foundation. And it was used to support Assange’s defense. This NFT initiative collaborates with Edward Snowden’s initiative in favor of freedom of speech.

4. Human One ($28, 985, 000)

Artist: Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple

human one

“Human One” has appeared as the second most expensive artwork of Beeple. Mike Winkelmann nicknamed Beeple is the second-most-ranked artist with the highest NFT sales volume. He auctioned through Christie’s for $28.98 million.

Furthermore, “Human One” is a life-size 3D NFT that captions an individual exhibiting a spacesuit that transforms color (bronze or silver) according to the artist’s wishes. People said he will upgrade this artwork throughout its life so that this piece of art stays dynamic and crosses time.

5. CryptoPunk #5,822 –($23, 700, 000)

Artists: John Watkinson andMatt Hall, Larva Labs’s directors


Crypto Pink has many expensive NFT collections. But this NFT happens to appear the most expensive of the entire CryptoPunks collection sold. Cryptopunks are popular in the NFT space because they portray a particular nostalgia for the 80s, punk, pop, and super pixelated video games.

Cryptopunk tends to have a collection of over 10,000 NFTs and artworks. While this #5822 CryptoPunk is one of the nine aliens and wears a blue bandana. Its significance largely comes from the fact that it is an alien.

6. CryptoPunk #7,523 ($11, 800, 000)

Artists: John Watkinson andMatt Hall, Larva Labs’s directors

CryptoPunk #7523

Formerly the highest priced of cryptopunks collections, the value of cryptopunk #7523 appears from the fact that it has exceptionally rare characteristics. The features include that it is the only crypto that wears a surgical mask eminently reminiscent of the pandemic. Also, it is one of the 9 super rare aliens. And in art, the more rare and unique the art, hence the more expensive it becomes.

7. CryptoPunk #4,156 ($10, 350, 000)

Artists: John Watkinson and Matt Hall, Larva Labs’s directors

CryptoPunk # 4156

This cryptopunk appears unique because it belongs to exclusives. It is one of the 24 cryptopunks monkeys, adorned with a blue bandana. Hence it is one of the most expensive NFTs ever sold. The NFT is calculated to be worth $10.35 million. An interesting fact about this NFT is how its value bumped in just almost one month from $1.17 million to $10.35 million.

8. CryptoPunk #7,804 ($7, 560, 000)

Artists: Matt Hall and John Watkinson, Larva Labs’s directors

CryptoPunk # 7804

This CryptoPunks currently stands as the third of the most expensive NFTs ever sold from Larva Labs using ether tokens. This cryptopunk is one of the 9 alien punks, which is how it became so valuable.

It has been fleshed out with other qualities that make it unique. The NFT art smokes a pipe and wears a beret and sunglasses, making him an extremely rare piece. In the variety of 10,000 cryptopunks, there only exist 378 pipe smokers, with 317 having shade variations, and 254 wearing forward caps.

The CryptoPunk #7804 auctioned work was bought by Dylan Field, CEO of Figma, a software company majorly known for UI/UX.

9. CryptoPunk #3,100 ($7, 510, 000)

Artists: John Watkinson andMatt Hall, Larva Labs’s directors


Larva Lab’s artworks are establishing themselves in the NFT art market. Cryptopunk # 3100 appears so expensive because it’s the only punk wearing a blindfold.

Sold at 7.51 million dollars, the buyer of this NFT artwork put it up for sale for a huge sum of 90.5 million dollars ( then 35,000 ether). Hence it is one of the most expensive NFTs ever sold. If anyone acquired it, this crypto would become the most costly piece of digital art sold in the world.

10. Right-Click And Save As Guy ($7, 090, 000)

Artist: XCopy


The creation of London artist XCopy uses a broken-down aesthetic identical to the works of the painter Basquiat but in digital form. XCopy blends in his artworks some kinds of distortions and noises on the image, features of bugs or computer failure. XCopy NFTs are highly admired and are normally sold for several million dollars. This one sold a few months ago via SuperRare for $7.09 million ( then 1,600 either). It was acquired by Snoop Dogg’s NFT alias “Cozomo de Medici”.

What Type of NFT Is Most Valuable And Why?

Majorly, most NFT artworks by either renowned artists or brands are very valuable. Although any NFT can appear valuable depending on the entity purchasing and the person purchasing power. Artistic NFTs values majorly come out of the place of love for aesthetics and its rarity. Meanwhile, if you carefully look at the listing above, you’d discover that most of Beeple’s works and arts in CryptoPunk have so much value in the NFT space.

How Do You Know Which NFT Is Valuable?

We have no definite method to know which NFT will appear valuable. However, there exist some key points that may make NFT artwork so valuable. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the look-outs-to-know valuable NFTs.

1. How Rare is the NFT

When an NFT seems scarce and its kind rare in the market, its value tends to increase. For instance, a rare NFT can be the first digital piece of its kind of art by an illustrator. While some NFTs made by celebrities also fall into the classification of a rare NFT.

2. What Can the NFT Be Used For?

If an NFT has good uses both in the physical and digital world then, it tends to increase its value. Apart from appearing as unique digital assets, certain NFTs also serve other purposes. Some NFTs, for instance, give the owner rights and advantages they otherwise wouldn’t have.

3. How Liquid the NFT Is

How easily an NFT can be sold or bought within its network refers to its liquidity. Investors like to invest in liquid NFTs, those having significant trading volumes. Since the risk of holding them are less. For example, ERC-standard NFTs are quickly tradable across a wide variety of exchanges.

4. Who Has Owned or Is Behind the NFT Project?

The people and projects behind an NFT can excite speculation, which can influence the growth and price of the NFT. Additionally, the creator and the calibre of the people who have owned a certain NFT may also affect its value.