Cryptocurrency Trading Tips: How to Get Started

Cryptocurrency Trading: A Beginner’s Guide to Buying and Selling Digital Currency

The act of predicting cryptocurrency price movements through a contract for difference (CFD) trading account, or selling and buying the underlying coins via an exchange is known as
cryptocurrency trading. Thus, CFD trading is a type of derivative that enables you to bet on Bitcoin/Crypto price changes without having the underlying currencies. Most times it seems quite difficult to start trading crypto as a beginner. You may eventually lose your capital if you did not start rightly. Hence, We’ve brought you good cryptocurrency trading tips to make you successful as a beginner herein.

Meanwhile, a good example of cryptocurrency trading includes when you go “long” (buy) believing the value of a cryptocurrency will rise. Or you “short” (sell) when you believe the value will dump. Both cases involve leveraging instruments, which implies that you only need a little deposit, known as “margin trading crypto”, to have total access to the underlying market. Nevertheless, because the total size of your investment leveraging determines your profit or loss trading crypto magnifies both earnings and losses.

Furthermore, investors use cryptocurrency trading options to reduce the risk of their portfolio or to increase market exposure. However, Before even thinking about attempting crypto trading, one must have extensive knowledge of the assets and technologies involved. You may also need to acquire different trading skills to determine which style of trading best works for you.


Similar to stocks and other financial markets, trading cryptocurrency can be complicated, involving a variety of factors and requiring similar skills. Meanwhile, if you don’t have an idea of where to start as a beginner then this post will get you started. It will also help you become a successful trader if you follow up carefully.

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How To Trade Cryptocurrency For Beginners

Several approaches exist in terms of how to trade cryptocurrencies. To start trading cryptocurrencies, you first need to gain adequate knowledge of the subject. It is also crucial to know the risks and the laws associated with trading that may also apply depending on your jurisdiction. This will enable you to make proper decisions accordingly. However, to get started into the market, follow the guides below;

1. Join A Cryptocurrency Exchange

In the event that you don’t as of now have one, you’d initially have to lay out a record with a trade that exchanges cryptographic forms of money. The top digital money trades are Gemini, Binance, eToro, Coinbase, and There are various cryptographic forms of money accessible on these stages, and their UIs are clear.

Thus, similarly likewise with a stock business, while making a record with a crypto financier, you will be expected to give data to verify your personality. Subsequently, among other “Know Your Client” (KYC) necessities, you would have to give your location, Government managed retirement number (assuming you were brought into the world in the US), date of birth, and email address.

2. Fund Your Account

When you’ve fully signed up and verified your account, you’d need to connect your bank account to your crypto brokerage. Most crypto
exchanges allow bank deposits using debit cards and wire transfers. Wire transfers include the most cost-effective way to fund your account and they’re accessible on Gemini and Coinbase.

3. Pick A Crypto To Invest In

Now you’re ready to start trading. Meanwhile, you have to pick crypto to invest in or trade. Many cryptocurrency traders put their money into Ether or Bitcoin. However, you can also trade using technical indicators because you can easily predict these two cryptocurrencies more than smaller altcoins.

Furthermore, some other cryptocurrency investors invest some percentage of their money into altcoins. Although it may seem riskier than large-market cap cryptos, small mid-market cap cryptos have more substantial prospects to go long.

Interestingly, you can also use automatic crypto trading with software like Coinrule. That’s if you cannot be at the risk and don’t have the skills to do it on your own. We usually call them Crypto trading bots. They implement a process designed to deliver you the most significant returns possible depending on your investment objectives.

You can make money quickly, keep your coins, or vary your portfolio with crypto automated trading, which can give you conservative, neutral, or aggressive options for trading. You may even explore trading crypto actively on a sites while automating trading on others.

4. Store Your Cryptocurrency

If you actively trade BTC, you’ll wish to keep your funds on the exchange so you can easily access them. However, you should purchase a Bitcoin wallet if you want to buy cryptocurrency to hold for a medium or long term.

You can find several types of cryptocurrency wallets. Some examples include software wallets and hardware wallets. Both wallets provide good protection, but hardware wallets provide the most protection because they keep your crypto on a physical device off the internet connection.

What Is The Best Way To Start Crypto Trading?

We cannot overemphasize this, but one proper measure you should adhere to when starting to trade cryptocurrency is to start small. Better still, don’t invest what you cannot afford to lose. Meanwhile, there exist different styles of trading you can adopt while trading cryptocurrency. They generally include a fundamental and technical trading strategy. While fundamental strategy involved trading with the news and market sentiments, technical trading involves using different strategies and indicators. Still, any trader can either adopt to trade the following ways we’ve highlighted below;

  • Scalping
  • Day trading
  • Momentum trading
  • Swing trading
  • Positional trading.

You’d need to learn and practice a lot to know which trading style works for you. Hence, mastering one style of trading is extremely vital, but the trader also requires to be proficient in others.

Additionally, whenever in doubt, keep out of the market. We consider exercising patience in a defensive position, and there’s nothing wrong with waiting for an opportunity. 

How Do I Start Trading On Crypto With No Money?

Do you know that you can also start trading crypto with no money. Many people just simply mine using their mobile phones or systems. While some simply seek airdrops. Yes, all these methods work. Hence, we’ve listed several ways you can start crypto without having to put any money below;

  1. Sign up with an exchange
  2. Crypto staking
  3. Free NFTs
  4. Minning
  5. Learn and earn
  6. Crypto savings account
  7. Crypto lending
  8. Get cash from a brokerage
  9. Participate in an airdrop

What Is The Best Crypto To Buy Right Now?

We cannot for sure name some crypto best while neglecting others. However, based on certain use cases, some cryptos have better prospects. For instance, you can consider Bitcoin the best cryptocurrency to use as a store of value assets because of its widespread adoption and it having finite supply of 21 million coins.

Furthermore, if you seek the best crypto to purchase right now, you can sight most of the best cryptocurrency projects in the top 50 market capitalization of cryptocurrency. Most cryptocurrencies with small market caps have questionable use cases or have not met their promises of use. It is usually riskier to invest in small market-cap cryptos than in larger market-cap coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In any case, you really want to put resources into digital forms of money having a strong group backing the venture. To learn more data about any digital money, we prescribe you to peruse the digital currency’s whitepaper. This will give you a thought of how crypto functions and what it’s expected for.

Additionally, since the start of 2022 metaverse cryptos have proven as a hot asset class leading. We use tokens like MANA and SAND in in-game currencies for the blockchain-based metaverses Decentraland and The Sandbox, respectively.

How Do I Know What Crypto To Buy?

You need to consider numerous things prior to picking the best cryptographic money to put resources into this year. Underneath we’ve featured a portion of these things.

1. Market Capitalisation

You want to know the market capitalization of the coins you need to purchase. This includes knowing the positioning of digital currencies in light of market capitalization as one approach to choosing them for venture.

2. All out Coins To Be Mined And Current Stock

You likewise need to check whether the specific cryptographic money will have a restricted stock. You ought to likewise assess the quantity of coins it as of now has available for use.

3. White Paper

Every cryptocurrency investment or token has a white paper that cites all the details of the coin. Stating the purpose for which it is created, the problems it will solve, even the technology it operates on, etc. The white paper also illustrates the vision of the coin’s creators. If the white paper looks rational, you may consider investing in the coin with a considerable amount.

4. Use Cases

One of the crucial things cited in the white paper is the coin’s use cases. This is one of the primary factors that will motivate acceptance among its users/investors. Over time, they may develop new use cases. The better the number of use cases, the broader the coin’s acceptance will be, and the more the improvement in its value.