Recover Lost Bitcoins on Blockchain: A Step-by-Step Guide

You can consider your Bitcoin lost when you no longer have access to it and hence cannot spend it. We frequently store Bitcoins in various wallets and control them via private keys, similar to how physical keys manage money in a safe or vault. You’ve definitely lost your Bitcoin if you don’t have access to your wallets, have lost your private key, or have sent your BTC to an unknown address. As a result, we’ve dedicated this essay to learning how to locate misplaced Bitcoins on the blockchain.

Furthermore, Private keys generate signatures, which you need to spend your bitcoin. Without the private key, you can’t create any signature, hence all funds linked to that key become unusable. Consequently, the easiest way to avoid losing your bitcoin includes safeguarding your private keys.

Meanwhile, currently, many platforms exist to safeguard private keys and passwords in the case of “I’ve forgotten cases”. Personal users having Bitcoins in self-custody are prone to human mistakes and other unique threats. But you can decrease the odds of losing your bitcoin by following the latest standards in information security and data storage.

However, lost Bitcoins still serve as good advantages as it increases the value of the remaining bitcoin on the network. Bitcoin has infinite divisibility, so lost bitcoin does not hurt the network as a whole. Hence, because Bitcoin derives value from its finite supply when we lose any bitcoin, it will slightly increase the value of the remaining bitcoin in the network.


Thus, if you find yourself in the situation of losing your Bitcoin, read further to see whether you can recover your Bitcoin or not. Some persons have doubts if they can recover their lost Bitcoins, we’ve helped to clear the doubts. Because in some cases it is recoverable.

Can Lost Bitcoins Ever Be Recovered?

Yes in some circumstances, we can recover lost bitcoins. Such examples include when you lose a hardware wallet, but still, have your private keys and passwords intact. However, in most cases, Bitcoins lost over the years are effectively lost forever.

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How Do I Recover A Lost Bitcoin?

If you use an online wallet, then recovering your Bitcoin will become easy. Even if you use a hardware wallet and lost the hardware while still having the Key phrase and passwords, you can recover your Bitcoin. But, you can never recover Bitcoin lost without any information to retrieve it like the one already mentioned it. So a Bitcoin truly lost is truly lost.

In time past, people have recovered/received refunds for some mistaken transactions, but only when the counterparty personally knows the sender. Nonetheless, this is infrequent.

If you use an online wallet, simply recover your password from your exchange with your email and phone number. However, if it’s a hardware wallet. See how to recover your Bitcoin using your Seed Phrase.

Bitcoin Recovery Using A Seed Phrase

  1. Firstly, download the “Bitcoin Core Wallet”, launch it, and click “+”.
  2. Next, tap “Import Wallet”
  3. Enter your 12-word seed phrase and select a coin, BTC, or BCH.
  4. After inputting the seed phrase, click “Import.”
  5. If you followed the instructions correctly, you will have successfully restored your Bitcoin wallet.

How Feasible Is Bitcoin Recovery?

On a grade of 1 to 10 personally, I’d say the chances of recovering your lost Bitcoin is 2. The two 2% depends on how it was lost. You have to know how you lost your Bitcoin If you want to start a recovery process. You may have sent it to the wrong wallet address due to paying less attention. Or were scammed by fraudsters or got hit by malware that stole your private key details. Still, you may lose access to the wallet due to carelessness. However, you may have lost it we recommend you first have a chit-chat whit a Cyber Threshold Team. So you can give them as much information that will help fasten the retrieval process.

Meanwhile, bear in mind that a transaction is almost difficult to reverse, and also nearly impossible to forge. Thus, your bitcoins become someone else’s property once they have them.

However, if you follow the recent cryptocurrency trends, you will realize that they’ve adopted good measures to execute cases of lost Bitcoins. Still yet, bear in mind that such a retrieval process may require a long period. Some crypto-innovative centres such as POLYGONDECIPHER have developed methods to ease the stress by employing reverse engineering and complex technologies. They also included cryptanalytical methods to decrypt and interpret whatever may be hidden in the blockchain.

Why Is It Almost Impossible To Recover Lost Bitcoins?

The primary reason that makes Bitcoin/Crypto difficult to recover includes its nature and mode of operation. The bitcoin blockchain is an immutable (unchangeable) ledger, which indicates that all transactions of bitcoin are final. Hence, you’d hardly recover for a mistaken transaction. Therefore, humans are the only cause of Bitcoin’s loss, not Bitcoin or any blockchain technology.

More so, if you fail to remember the password to a digital wallet storing the private key, it also becomes virtually impossible to retrieve your Bitcoin. This is due to unlike some other forms of online accounts, it does not have any central authority to help reset your password or retrieve your Bitcoin.

How Much Bitcoin Is Permanently Lost?

We cannot state for sure how much Bitcoin lost forever. In Bitcoin’s early days, people did not discover its future value, arising in many unfortunate losses, thefts, and mistaken transactions. According to a report by Chainalysis a cryptocurrency data analysis company, about 20% of the existing 18.5 million Bitcoins are presently considered lost, irrevocably lost, or kept in irrecoverable wallets. Hence, the reports claim that over 3-4 million, bitcoin will never be recovered. This has therefore lowered the hard cap from 21 million to 17-18 million.

How Do I Find My Old Bitcoin Account?

If you’ve misplaced your Bitcoin wallet account, there are a few options for recovering it. Nevertheless, keep in mind that if you lose access to your wallet, you may permanently lose access to your coins.

Don’t give up if you’ve misplaced your wallet! There are still a few options for regaining access to your funds. You can simply restore access to your cash if you use a hardware wallet, such as a Trezor or Ledger, by following the instructions on the manufacturer’s website. While using a software wallet makes things a little more complicated, it is still possible to reclaim your assets.

Firstly, you have to realize that your wallet file is probably still intact. You just can’t access it any more. Once you have your wallet file, you can recover your funds quite smoothly. So don’t worry. Whenever you’ve lost your wallet, there exist good chances you’ll still retrieve it back. Since the main problem in the question involves “How to find Bitcoin on your computer?”. So it’s just the inability to find files like wallet.dat or other files that comprise keys (such as text files). One option is to recover lost data. If have luck, you may find your lost wallet using the Bitcoin recovery service.

These services generally need you to provide partial information about your lost wallets. An example of such information includes your public key or seed phrase. Once you have given information, they can help you recover your lost Bitcoins. However, these services may come expensive, and you will not get the guarantee that they’ll be able to recover your lost Bitcoins successfully.

How Do I Track A Lost Bitcoin?

If you mistakenly sent your Bitcoin to the wrong wallet or scammers deceive you to do that, you can track the wallet you send it to ensure that they’ve withdrawn the coin or not. However, you can not track the person’s physical Identity. While in cases where the Bitcoin has been moved to another wallet apart from the one you were tracking, you can still track the money sent out and the new wallet address and vice verse.

Some technologies and platforms have made this very possible. We usually refer to them as explorers. A good example is the PLC Ultima Explorer.


We have learned how difficult it may seem to recover a lost Bitcoin or its wallet. So endeavour to be clever before carrying out any transaction. Then try to save your keyphrase elsewhere that is not online for backup recovery plans.

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